Wage Revision reaching its finality - AIIEA's circular on wage talks

Dear Comrades,

Wage Revision reaching its finality
Further to the joint meeting with GIPSA on 29.10.2015, the delegation of AIIEA comprising of
Coms. K. Venu Gopal, V. Ramesh, J.Gurumurthy, K.V.V.S.N.Raju, Gautam Maitra, G.Anand,
M.T.Suseelan and Reena Mishra participated in the individual discussions held at Hyderabad
today, 04.11.2015, to give our response to the proposals made on 29th October on wage

AIIEA's discussion with GIPSA fruitful - Likely to accept many of our demands

As informed earlier, the unionwise discussion with GIPSA Management took place today at Hyderabad. AIIEA's 8 Member team lead by Com. Ramesh, Gen. Secretary, AIIEA, Com. J. Gurumurhty, Vice President AIIEA, Com. Venugopal, Vice-President, AIIEA, Com. KVVSN Raju, Secretary (Standing Committee, AIIEA, and Com. G. Anand, General Secretary,

AIIEA participated in the discussion. AIIEA gave a detailed justifications for our demands presented on the previous joint session held on 29th Oct. at Mumbai.

AIIEA Circular on Wage Revision discussion held on 29.10.2015

Standing Committee (General Insurance), 309, Sadguru Complex, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad 500063
Cir.No. SC/07/2015 29th October 2015

To all the State/Regional units:

Dear Comrades,

 Wage talks at Mumbai on 29th October
 Deadlock broken
 GIPSA offers pay scales and allowances similar to LIC.
 AIIEA welcomes the offer & demands improvements.


Discussion for Wage Revision - GIPSA offers Revised Pay scales & other allowances

Today, 29th Oct. 2015, GIPSA offered the revised pay scales and other allowances. Merger of DA at 4708 Points. AIIEA welcomed the offers and demanded improvements in allowances and benfits like Meals Coupon to all employees, Restoration of Graduation Increments, PLLI to all. AIIEA opposed the Management Agenda porposed as part of Wage Negotiations. AIIEA urged implementation of another option for Pension.

Unionwise discussion will be held at Hyderbad on 4th Nov. 2015. Details are awaited the Negotiating Team of AIIEA.

GIPSA invite AIIEA for discussion on wage revision

GIPSA invited ALL INDIA INSURANCE EMPLOYEES' ASSOCIATION and other employee and officer's associations for a discussion on Wage Revision. The discussion will be held on 29th October, 2015 at Mumbai. It will be a joint session. The discussions with individual associations will be held later, says the communique.

Consequent to the above, the joint meeting of all the concerned employees associations decided to call off the agitation programme announced earlier including the ONE DAY STRIKE.


Joint Agitation Programme for Wage Revision

The Joint meeting of all unions/association of Public Sector General Insurance Companies held recently in New Delhi decided to intensify the agitation programme for an early and reasonable wage revision and announced the following porgramme of action :-

1. Joint Demonstration at all centers on 16th October, 2015
2. Hunger Strike (10 am to 1.30pm) before Regional Offices(Date to be fixed locally)
3. Joint Demonstration on 16th Nov. 2015 at all Centers

National Insurance Company release the list of selected candidates for the post of Assistants

National Insurance released the list of selected candidates for the post of Assistants ( Recruitment 2015 )

To view the result of candidates for Kerala State click: https://nationalinsuranceindia.nic.co.in/AssistantResult/KERALA.pdf